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Our Corporate Profile

Red Book is the pre-eminent provider of vehicle identification and pricing information in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Automotive Data Services Pty Ltd.
The company that operates the Red Book stable of publications and data systems is Automotive Data Services Pty Ltd. This company has been researching the Australian automotive market for just on fifty years and its success has been based on pedantic and independent research, maintaining credibility and authoritative information.

Automotive Data Services Pty Ltd. has full accreditation under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System from Standards Australia.

Our Client Base
Red Book provides its services to the automotive industry, major financiers, the insurance industry and others. It also undertakes consultancy assignments and special projects, often with a customised programming element. In addition, Red Book is in a contractual relationship with a number of State Governments around Australia.

Auto Information Limited
Automotive Data Services Pty Ltd is also the majority shareholder in a New Zealand company – Auto Information Limited – which produces similar products, services and information to the New Zealand motor, insurance and finance industries…and to those Australian companies in these industries who are operating in the New Zealand market.

Our Subsidiaries
Automotive Data Services (Thailand) Limited, Red Book Automotive Data Services (Beijing) Limited, and Red Book Automotive Data Services (M) Sdn Bhd are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Australian Company and produce similar products, services and information to the automotive, insurance and finance industries.

These companies are at the forefront of the information technology industry and have a substantial involvement in the Internet – through their own websites located at, and, and through cooperative arrangements with other internet participants.

Red Book Databases
In Australia, Red Book maintains databases on motor vehicles (from 1960) including Japanese second-hand imports, motorcycles, marine, and caravans.

In New Zealand, the databases encompass motor vehicles (from 1986) including all Japanese second-hand imports and motorcycles.

In Thailand, the Red Book database covers all vehicles on the Thai market since 1992. In China since 1995, in Malaysia since 1990, in Hong Kong since 1998 and in Singapore since 2000. The company's databases can be assessed by client companies directly via the internet through their browsers.

Red Book provides its services internationally to leaders in the automotive industry, finance industry, the insurance industry and others.