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FAQ's Answered

Q. How can RedBook price my car?
A. We don't. We provide an overall market value obtained by research. Individual vehicles may be valued higher or lower. You should go to the RedBook Valuation Certificate for a personalised valuation.


Q. How does RedBook arrive at the vehicle prices it quotes?
A.RedBook's price guides are derived from extensive research which encompasses obtaining details of sales through auction houses and motor dealers all around China, from vehicle manufacturers, from monitoring the classified advertising in every major publication in China and from actual field research. This vast volume of data is reviewed by RedBook's expert pricing panel and adjustments made. Each month RedBook changes around 4500 prices in its database of over 6000 vehicles.


Q. How often is the information on the RedBook site updated?
A.Daily for new models and changes to specifications, monthly for used vehicle prices.


Q. Are there price variances in the different geographical areas?
A.Generally speaking, there are no major price differences around Hong Kong. The reason being that it is so easy and inexpensive for the trade to move vehicles from one location to another and professional buyers operate all around Hong Kong.


Q. What does your "trade-in" price mean?
A.The trade-in price quoted on this web-site is the price range you could reasonably expect to obtain from a professional vehicle dealer as a trade-in for your vehicle on another vehicle.


Q. What does the "private sale" price mean?
A.The private sale price is an estimation of the price range you could expect to achieve (or pay) for a vehicle sold privately ( i.e not through a dealer). This will usually be less than a dealer's retail price because the dealer has had to bring the car up to marketable standard both mechanically and aesthetically and the dealer has to provide a warranty coverage after the sale. These things are not provided by the private sale.


Q. Why is my car not there?
A.RedBook only covers the Hong Kong car market. RedBook does NOT cover any other country. Also, there may be low volume vehicles not covered, which RedBook prices on application.




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